If I had to pinpoint just one thing that has made a significant difference to my skin in the last 10 years, adding facial oil to my daily skincare routine would be it! The way you apply your oil is key to really harnessing all those wonderful ingredients and benefits.

Here are my top five tips:

1) Apply to warm, damp skin
It’s amazing how warm, damp skin is more receptive to facial oils, as it helps to lock in moisture sitting on the skin’s surface. Less is more with oils, as a little goes a long way and warm hands will make the product go much further.
If your hands are cold before applying, try popping them under warm water for 30 seconds first. Once your hands and face are warm, add 2 to 3 drops of oil onto your fingertips and gently warm the oil between them.
For a real pampering treat, cup your hands in front of your nose and inhale deeply and slowly to experience the wonderful aroma that’s released from the pure essential oils. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Who has time for such indulgence?’ …But trust me, just a couple of deep, slow breaths will help de-stress and calm your mind. It’s a few moments of time very well spent.

2) Massage the goodness in
Facial massage has so many wonderful benefits and you don’t have to go to a salon to achieve results. Not only is this a great way to relax, it improves your skin’s circulation and condition, leaving you with a glowing, radiant more youthful looking complexion! I always do this on warm, well-cleansed skin so that the oil can penetrate deeply, ensuring that my skin reaps the benefits.

3) Less really is more
One of the mistakes I made when first applying facial oils was applying too much. You have to remember that pure oils don’t contain any water. They are just a combination of plant oils, which by nature are more concentrated than a moisturiser.
I recommend starting with just one or two drops initially, you can always add more if you need to. If you have added too much, give your décolletage and the back of your hands a treat by massaging any excess into them. They are those delicate, hardworking areas that are so often neglected.

4) Boost your moisturiser
For those of you that want to use an oil because of its amazing benefits, but are afraid of its oiliness (I often get asked about this from clients with oily or combination skin) here is a little tip.
If you find a moisturiser that you like, but are feeling that your skin needs something a bit extra (say, over the winter months when skin is dry, dehydrated and flaky), there is no need to go out and buy a whole new moisturiser. Simply add a drop or two of oil to your day or night moisturiser. Even if you don’t like the feel of oil on your skin, this method feels no different to applying your moisturiser.
Personally, I love this way of applying it because it’s quick and convenient, which is great in the mornings before work when time is not in your favour.

5) Supercharge your makeup
Now this is one of my faves! Dewy, radiant luminescence is key to a more youthful looking complexion. Try adding just a couple of drops of your favourite facial oil into your liquid foundation or even tinted moisturiser to further enhance hydration. You’ll use less foundation too and it’ll be a whole lot easier to blend it in for that all-important natural, effortless healthy look.

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