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Superfood Skincare Technology …as natural as mother nature intended.

When creating my skincare collection, I sought inspiration in nature’s incredible larder of superfoods.
Each of the ingredients I have hand-picked, truly lives up to its ‘superfood’ name and, whether it be a rare vegetable or a technologically advanced plant stem cell, it’s packed with skin-loving antioxidants.

The science behind my Superfood Skincare Technology

Take an apple, cut it in half, leave it out for an hour and watch as the flesh turns a murky brown colour. This process is called oxidation – damage caused by free radicals in the air.
Now lets try it all over again. Take an apple and cut it in half, but this time rub lemon juice on it. What… no murky brown flesh?!  That’s because the lemon juice is full of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant… and the antioxidant has preserved the apple, preventing ‘free radical damage’ (anti- oxidation).

Antioxidants versus Free Radicals
Free radicals aren’t all bad. In fact these tiny molecules play an important role in our bodies, such as killing bacteria and forming connections between collagen fibres in our skin. However, free radicals have a surplus electron that makes them unstable and over active, and if they’re not kept under control they can cause cumulative and significant degenerative damage, such as premature ageing of our skin.
Of course, mother nature always restores the balance, and for every over-active free radical, she created a counter-balancing antioxidant. These anti- oxidisers swoop in and ‘bind’ the unstable electrons, neutralising them and preventing them from attacking collagen strands and other cells within the skins architecture.
Normally, in our bodies there is a balance between the accumulation of free radicals and their elimination, however, mother nature didn’t have the foresight to prepare our bodies for the man-made external aggressors that wreak havoc on our skin. Poor diet, alcohol, UV stress, pollution, smoke, chemicals, and other environmental toxins, all contribute to the accelerated formation of free radicals.
Evidently the key to maintaining a youthful complexion needs to be control of these harmful molecules. This is why I chose superfoods and technically advanced botanical stem cells as the basis of my skincare formulations – because they contain an abundance of skin loving antioxidants. They really are the skin’s saviour!

Why I chose superfoods for my skincare products

It’s only in recent years that the beauty industry has really woken up to the scientific evidence of the power of superfoods, and their benefits to the skin cannot be underestimated. They are powerhouses of goodness and magnificent multi-taskers, able to tackle all manner of skin concerns, from sensitivity and sun damage, to environmental stress from pollution. They plump up collagen, hydrate, shrink large pores, nourish, soothe and repair… the list is endless.
These nutritional geniuses of nature are now emerging from beyond the boundaries of the kitchen and taking their rightful place in your skincare products. Just like our bodies need healthy foods to thrive, so does our skin! Remember, your skin is a mirror image of your inner health.

What is a Superfood?
Superfoods are a diverse collection of nutrient-rich natural foods. They contain a large percentage of vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and a very impressive amount of antioxidants. Unlike most healthy foods, which normally contain two or three particular nutritional properties, superfoods have many more.

How do they work in skincare?
When formulating skincare products, you can’t just throw in a shedload of superfoods and hope for the best. The right cocktail of ingredients is required to tackle the main causes of skin issues. I have researched this for years to find out which superfoods, tackle which issues, and the synergistic blends required to keep the skin protected, healthy and glowing.

There are three key factors involved in superfood skincare formulation:
1. How to keep the superfood ingredients stable in the products.
The antioxidants in superfoods are very unstable, meaning that the superfoods are easily perishable. A ‘natural’ preservative is required to keep the product fresh and active, otherwise it will go rancid, prematurely ageing your skin.

Did you know that the humble Rosemary herb bush, just one of the protective ingredients in my range, has the incredible capacity to keep formulations stable throughout their shelf lives!

2. How well the skin absorbs the product.
The ingredients I have chosen also need to be absorbed into the skin, not just sit on the surface. If you use a product that contains chemical ingredients such as silicones, it will stop the ingredients absorbing into the skin… what a waste, never mind the damage to the environment or clogging up of your pores!

3. What concentrations of ingredients are necessary to make them effective.
I need to ensure that I have the right balance of important ingredients …because we do not scrimp on the necessary amounts of ingredients required to make a difference – I finally formulated a range of skincare products that genuinely work.

The ingredients I have hand-picked truly live up to their superfood names, whether it be a rare vegetable, berry, grain, algae, moss, fruit, seed or a technologically advanced plant stem cell. They’ll work wonders to transform your skin from a troublesome or just ok complexion, to a complexion that turns heads!

One thing that all true ‘superfoods’ have in common is an abundance of antioxidants, and you’ll find an impressive level in each of my products. The benefits of using antioxidant skincare cannot be underestimated; they are powerhouses of goodness and magnificent multi-taskers, able to tackle all manner of skin concerns. Whatever your age or skin type, there is an antioxidant for you.

Anti-pollution antioxidants

Pollution is everywhere, whether it be air pollution, city stress, too much screen time or UV light, your skin can be exposed to any number of environmental aggressors throughout the day. Antioxidants help to intercept its damage before it can have a significant impact on skin. To protect your skin from this daily onslaught, use superfood-packed antioxidant skincare morning and night – pollution never sleeps, after all!

Anti-inflammatory antioxidants

Our modern diet of refined sugar and carbohydrates is ageing our skin from the inside out, causing glycation which speeds up the skin’s ageing process. One of the great benefits of antioxidant skincare is the calming of inflammation, by increasing circulation and cell metabolism, which promotes a more even skin tone and it helps to keep acne and wrinkles at bay. Cut out refined sugar and you’ll also reap the skincare rewards.

Skin-firming antioxidants

After our 30th birthday the collagen in our body begins to decline, soon causing our once-perky skin to become noticeably less firm in both its look and feel. The good news is that the use of antioxidant skincare may actually help to reverse the effects of ageing by improving skin health and rejuvenating its appearance.

Wrinkle-reducing antioxidants

Whatever some ‘miracle’ creams might have you believe, it is simply not possible to make wrinkles disappear completely. However, the use of antioxidant skincare does a fantastic job at plumping out the skin, which softens wrinkles and fine lines so that skin appears more youthful.

Repairing antioxidants

Too much sun is dangerous, but its impact on the appearance of the skin, short- and long-term, can be significant. Protect the skin daily with SPF, particularly when outdoors and on holiday, and even if most of your day is spent at a desk. For skin that’s already had too much exposure, it is possible to undo some of the damage done. Antioxidant skincare stimulates blood flow in the skin, helping encourage the growth of new cells and making sun-damaged skin appear more youthful.

If I’ve sparked your interest, and you would like to discover more about the hand-picked superfoods ingredients used in my skincare products, have a browse through my glossary, “It’s all good, from A to Z”


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