Totally transparent

The growing influence of ‘clean’ skincare is a wonderful thing, but with it comes a fresh set of challenges. So what does ‘clean’ really mean in practical terms? What do labels reveal and conceal? And how can you tell the real deal from the marketing spiel?

The LA difference is clear

I believe in absolute ingredient transparency, so you can be confident that what you’re putting on your skin contains no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients that are potentially harmful. My products are labelled ‘100% skin nutrition, zero compromise’ with good reason…You’ll find zero synthetics, just a combination of botanical ingredients and technological advancements that get the best from each ingredient without damage or contamination. Even the preservative I use is all-natural (yes, really! It’s derived from veggies), so we have used clever airless bottles to keep all the goodness fresh and active. I can honestly and proudly claim that every single ingredient I have used is beneficial to your skin and your wellbeing.

Demystifying labels

As well as finding zero chemical ingredients in my products, everything that’s inside is clearly labelled outside. By law, ingredients must be listed using their Latin name, but to make things clearer for you we have also included the English names on this website (see the ‘Full Ingredients List’ underneath each product).
On any packaging, ingredients are always listed in descending order, with the highest percentage at the top and the least at the bottom. But just because there’s only a small amount of a particular ingredient listed on my labels, it doesn’t mean it’s included for show; many of our active ingredients are incredibly powerful and only require a drop to work wonders.

Don’t be fooled by ‘Greenwashing’

With a rise in ‘health conscious’ consumers pushing for, and switching to, ‘clean’ and ‘green’ products that are deemed safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it’s no surprise that skincare brands are jumping on the natural and organic bandwagon. However, some companies are taking advantage of the fact that most consumers who are blissfully unaware, or uneducated, regarding harmful ingredients that we should avoid, and they are marketing their products using emotive words like ‘organic’ ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ – omitting the fact that they also contain ingredients which can adversely affect our health.
This misleading practice, known as ‘greenwashing’, is confusing, leading us to believe that the products we are using on our hair, skin and even in our bodies are safe and chemical free, when quite simply, they are not!
If only the ‘key ingredients’ or a few ingredients are listed on any brand’s product label, you need to ask why. What is it that they are hiding? If they are not willing to share 100% of what’s inside, my advice is to steer clear.

My ‘no-no’ ingredients list

There’s an incredible amount of unacceptable ingredients that I have worked very hard not to include, that many other brands do. My products prove that harsh chemical ingredients are not a necessary inclusion for superior skincare. I refuse to include parabens, phthalates and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals, formaldehyde, DEA, silicones, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances and many more questionable ingredients that are, sadly, still perfectly legal.
If you would like to know what to look out for on a label and understand what is harmful to you and the environment, read my full list of ‘no-no ingredients’. Then the next time you go to buy a product you are assuming is 100% good for you, it’s just that.

Recycling, wastage and ethics

Our mission is not only to steer you towards cleaner health, but to ensure that as a company, we play our part in mindfully working towards a cleaner healthier planet.
Our airless bottles are made from glass and are therefore recyclable, however, please be aware that the inner airless pouch/pump is plastic and will need to be removed before the glass bottle can be recycled. We are striving for 100% recyclable packaging, and as soon as an alternative is available we will make the change.
The innovative airless technology keeps the active ingredients stable and potent, whilst ensuring that ‘every last drop’ is squeezed from the bottle, meaning zero waste.
In order to protect the glass bottles from breakage in transit, outer packaging is necessary. To keep paper to a minimum on our packaging we have used a thin card, which is recyclable.
Each box is cello-wrapped to ensure that when the product reaches you, it has not been tampered with or used… we know this isn’t getting us any environmental brownie points, but I promise, we’re working hard to find a ‘greener’ alternative.
We are passionate about supporting local agriculture, so we source ingredients from Britain wherever possible, which also means a more transparent and easier-to-follow supply chain. When an ingredient comes from further afield we only deal with suppliers who operate a Fair Trade policy.
Finally, we do not test our products on animals, and we never will!